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Healing the world one bottle at a time.

in costa rica since 1920

with U.S. offices

The company has been working in the northern high mountain rain forest in Costa Rica since 1920. Dedicated to milk production, cheese and bottled water. Our water operation is focused on bottling natural mineral spring water and exporting it from Costa Rica to the world. The water filters from 2,000 meters to where we bottle water at source at 1,850 meters above sea level inside the high mountain rain forest.

Not all water is created equal!

Calling all water aficionados! if you enjoy water as much as we do I think you will give our water a try. While we don’t like to boast we will let the water speak for itself!

Costa rica rainforest

Is in charge of capturing the particles moisture and giving the water a valuable balance of minerals that are essential for the good functioning of the human body.

silica rich

Sometimes called the “beauty mineral” because it improves skin elasticity, the eyes, flexible arteries, hair and nail growth, lower cholesterol, etc.,


Once mother nature has done her unique process this precious elixir is captured from the spring (at the source) by food grade tubing which transports the liquid to the bottling system at 1820 msnm.

our mission

environmentally responsible

We use 100% virgin PET, and focus on plant based bottles made from renewable resources, collapsible bottle design, slimmer caps and a smaller bottle footprint in conjunction with social programs to encourage recycling. We are committed to be a leader in environmental conscious product designing, development and socially responsible.

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